I am not an artist.
I simply don't have the 'gift'.

I have the good fortune of knowing three people who call themselves artists, and they truly are, and I envy them tremendously. I envy their 'gift' of a natural inborn talent. They can all see a vision and put what they see down on a canvas for us to see as well. They can, all three of them, share their gift of insight with everyone, and that to me is a wonderful thing to be able to do.

I come from a mechanical background of drawings, blueprints, and bills of material. I see no visions, and I have no 'gift'. At best you could perhaps call me a counterfeiter or a forger, but not an artist. Painting to me is a hobby, and one that I happen to enjoy very much. When I see something I like, I paint it, and I try to put it down on canvas so I can look at it whenever I want. But my artist friends have visions, and I only have eyesight.
This is a collection of some of my paintings.